about us

We're Kimb & Dan.

We’re directors, writers, creative directors.

We’re all about social and branded content.

We've directed short films for brands.

Pitched interactive video series. 

Sold long form web series. 

We’ve run and won pitches.

We’ve run brands. Some of which we won (see above).

Some of which were also global brands.

Lead teams.

Shot kids, animals and inventors (with cameras) in 20+ productions.

Worked in Germany.

Conquered the Instagram Hackathon (it’s a thing and it was awesome).

And had our work talked about within the industry and we’re most proud to say outside of it:

  • Ad Week

  • Fast Company

  • The Hollywood Reporter

  • NY Mag

  • Refinery 29

  • Best Ads on TV

  • Campaign US

  • People

  • The Drum

  • MTV

  • The Huffington Post

  • The Verge

  • Gizmodo

outside the office

So what else do we do?

We’re never not writing. We write scripted shows of the TV and streaming nature, screenplays, pitches for new media, children’s books, micro-fiction and a whole lot of irreverent rhymes. 

And this year something exciting happened:


  • Austin Film Festival - 2018 - Screenplay Competition Winner.

Other Recognition: 

  • Austin Film Festival - 2018 - Scripted Digital Series 2nd Rounder, Digital Short 2nd Rounder

  • Austin Film Festival - 2017 - Scripted Digital Series 2nd Rounder

  • Austin Film Festival - 2016 - Scripted Digital Series 2nd Rounder

  • American Gem Literary Festival - 2016 - Short Screenplay Semifinalist

  • ATX Television Festival - 2014 Pitch Competition Finalist

  • ATX Television Festival - 2016 Pitch Competition Semi-Finalist

  • ATX Television Festival - 2018 Pitch Competition First Round Selection

  • ATX Television Festival - 2017 Pitch Competition First Round Selection

Beyond poking at a keyboard Dan can be found honing his photography skills on both digital and film cameras, learning the piano, flying his drone reading comic books, or obsessing about Edgar Wright films.

Kimb is obsessed with reading (and hoarding) as many books as possible or sharpening her whittling skills.

Together you might find them learning boxing, hiking or talking about but not actually going to that restaurant down the street.